💎 Auto Staking and Buy Competition

INME RUN rewards holders every 15 minutes. We cannot provide a fixed numbers concerning the rewards because it depends on the amount and number of transactions.
To put this into perspective, for example, the position of a holder of 1000 tokens in the marketplace is 1% and the total of transactions is 1000USD, it means the holder will be rewarded 10 USD equivalent to 15 tokens from the transaction which occurred in the last 15 minutes. In conclusion, after 15 minutes, the holder will have 1015 tokens instead of the 1000 tokens held before the 15 minutes transactions (AutoStaking).
As for the Buy competition, it is a wallet created to hold 2% of total transactions which will be rewarded to the highest buyer in BNB of INME RUN, for example, 100 people bought with 100USD worth of INME RUN, in total 10000 in the 24 hours, 2% of the transactions are equivalent to 300USD worth of tokens will be automatically sent to the wallet of the highest buyer. This operation can be tracked through our dashboard.
This is achieved by a sophisticated Rewards Mechanism. All token holders receive rewards, every 15 Minutes, and the highest buyer will get the 2% and the protocol is supported by Buy Competition Wallet and growth liquidity systems.